AWMM - Illuminate - Armistice projection mapping / 2020 Best Awards Gold winner

Auckland War Memorial Museum


For the centenary celebration of Armistice day, Auckland War Memorial Museum tasked us with creating a film that would be projection mapped onto the northern face of the AWMM building over the week of Armistice. We worked with the development team at the Museum who supplied us with a large number of archival photos to construct our narrative. Liquid Studios provided a powerful and emotive soundtrack.


  • Projection Mapping
  • VFX & 3D
  • Experience design


  • Sound design and composition: Liquid Studios
  • Client - Auckland War Memorial Museum

Projection Mapping

We were excited to have the opportunity to project on such an iconic building and we spent a lot of time in R&D and Pre-vis to ensure we got the best result possible.

A cascade of poppies

The penultimate section of the show saw virtual shutters open on the windows of the building and a torrent of poppies flow through each window and appear to fill the volume of the building from the ground up. Many hours were spent perfecting the physics of over 100,000 poppies.

Archival source photography c/o the AWMM

BEST judges comments: A highly emotive and visceral installation that draws upon a deep sense of collective memory to create a moving experience at scale. The technology and modern visuals meet the emotion, with a great use of the buildings architecture to communicate a deeply felt message of remembrance.