Te Pae - Exterior Lighting Installations



Creature Post was approached by Otakaro in Christchurch, to concept, design and implement 2 bespoke creative lighting solutions for the surrounds of Te Pae - the new convention centre at the centre of Cathedral square.


  • Creative concepting
  • Content creation
  • Onsite implementation


  • Colaborating Partner - Negative Space


Conduit is a connection point that channels the light that travels between the earth and sky.  A mysterious, shiny monolith by day - its surface captures and reflects light and then activates at night, revealing the transfer of energy between the two planes with a dance of moving lights.  It acts as a beacon to draw people to Te Pae and invites them to observe, explore and play. One of the special functions of this machine is to catch rainbows and beam them back to earth as puddles of rainbow light which visitors can stand and play in. In rain and fog, Conduit can be seen from a distance to be a collection point for an atmospheric network of moving beams of light.


It is a collaborative work created by Creature Post, Negative Space and Otakaro Ltd.  It is built from a repurposed way finding tower clad in mirrored acrylic sheets and illuminated with programmable spotlights on moving heads. Conduit has the capacity to be programmed to work with a variety of events and activations and it is the intention of the team to evolve the programming to include music and add the important dimension of sound to the experience in 2022.

The Squid and the Whale

At the end of Colombo street, there is a huge grey wall on the right side of the building that needed bringing to life. We designed a projection mapped porthole to a deep sea world on the inside of the building. “Through the window we wanted people to see something surprising, a look into another world. A playful interaction between a giant squid and sperm whale in the depths of the ocean, is currently on display for its first public interaction.”